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Checkered Playroom is a lightweight prefabrication building product highlighted with exquisite looking and spatial quality, rapid assembling, reliable structural safety, high comfortability, under reasonable price. It is a synthesis product integrating playground, house, furniture and toy into one. The delicate building provides extraordinary environment to inspire children to exert their potential to explore and play.

“Provided the toys and teaching kits are cleared, can a classroom still attract kids to stay?”

STRUCTURE & safety

The components of Checkered Playroom are made with Structural Insulated Panel, composed in 3 directions to form a stable open box module. When the boxes are connected, an equivalent of waffle spanning structure is formed. Structural stability is guaranteed from unit level to building level. Not any toxic volatile material is used in the Checkered Playroom to make certain healthy interior is provided for the children.


Several strategies are applied to ensure outstanding thermal performance. Direct thermal bridge is prevented in the component and building design. All component panels are filled with insulation material. Building is lifted up from ground to reduce undesirable emission of heat to the subsoil. Windows and doors on different facades allow flexible control of natural cross ventilation.

green architecture

Checkered Playroom achieved green architecture from different aspects. Minor ground treatment is required to support the lightweight building, hence to protect the soil from permanent damage. Zero construction waste is produced as all components are prefabricated in factory. The Checkered Playroom could be deconstructed and reassembled in different locations, allow maximum flexibility in unpredicted future.

4x5 units, single pitch roof

You choose shape

The basic building footprint of a Checkered Playroom is 6.7m x 5.4m, providing 34 m2 of interior area. Customers could adjust the size according to their needs. Single or double pitch roof could be chosen, which influence the appearance and the interior space. The interior column could be a central support, or 2 slants forming a triangle which divide the space into two half.

change material

The composition of panel is a sandwich board with insulation material in-between. The sandwiching material has different choices, such as cement board, oriented strand board (OSB) and laminated boards. Cement board has strong durability and high resistance to surrounding environment . OSB is a light material with high mechanical properties with economical price. Laminated boards could offer various delicate finishes.


Painting with different colour is a simple but efficient way to personalise your own playroom. You can choose to paint with single strong colour, or colours with combination which reflect the identity. Pattern such as digital camouflage could be achieved. You can even invite the users to paint directly on site to turn the playroom into a unique and beautiful artwork.


Building a Checkered Playroom is easy and gratifying process. Only *4 weeks in total is required from conception to completion. In the first week our designers would assist you to customise your playroom according to your needs. Factory would produce all the modulars in the next 2 weeks. Professional workers would ensue from the components to the site to warrant the successful completion in the forth week.

*Note : 4 weeks is a reference time and is only applicable in China mainland.

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